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30AU Pin Badge - Or Mug/T-Shirt/Cushion etc...

Order your 30AU Pin Badge. [Click Badge] 30mm across £2.99 each +pp.

30AU Name:- It started off from NID30 (Naval Intelligence Division) based in room 30 of the Admiralty Citadel, then a field unit of NID30 was named 30 Commando Special Engineering Unit. Which was then amended to 30 Commando Assault Unit. Then because it was such small unit it could not be accepted as a full Commando brigade so the Commando was dropped. Which left 30 Assault Unit. Which was also amended towards the end of the war to 30 Advance Unit. But never with (th). (Quite likely these rapid names changes help to keep secrets).

If you have any specific requests for items or how you would like an emblem to be used please do contact site.

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