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The Units Successes

A list of Intelligence captured. Taken from 'Official History'

“Considered as a whole, these operations had been ‘successful in the extreme’. 30AU operating in the front line or ahead of the general advance, had penetrated the most closely guarded secrets of the German Navy and had seized not only the major part of its key personnel, but also all of its archives. The early promise of the Unit had been abundantly fulfilled and all commitments had been discharged.”

Successes of Unit and List of 
Intelligence gathered:
(This list is compiled from sources listed at base of History page)

Successful actions in France, Sicily, Italy, Yugoslavia and Africa but getting some kind of definitive list is proving difficult.

In Germany, 1945:-
Team 2 under Curtis captured Helmut Walter, designer of the Me163 Rocket Plane and Midget Submarines at Kiel. (Kept by the British!). See Maps.
Team 5 under USN Lambie captured Herbert Wagner designer of the guided flying bomb H293, already used to devastating effect on allied shipping. He did not surrender in Bavaria with Dornberger and the von Braun brothers as the Allied military would have us believe. (see Reading section).
The capture of Prof. Magnus von Braun (Martin) V2 fuel chemist. (Handed to US).
 He did not surrender in Bavaria as the Allied military want us to believe. (see Reading for details)
The capture of the designer of the Nazi V2 (who went on to the NASA Saturn V), Prof. von Braun and brother (Some men were convinced they were some of the scientists they caught!) 
Did they surrender in Bavaria as the Allied military want us to believe or was that staged afterwards? (see  Reading)
The capture of Admiral Dönitz newly promoted to Führer and staff. See Maps.
The capture of the ENTIRE German Naval records. See Maps.
The capture of the Torpedo & Submarine testing facility at Eckenförde. Type 5 & 10 torpedos. See Maps.
The capture of Lord Haw Haw’s offices.
The Official surrender of Bremen. See Maps.
The capture of five type 21 & 25 U-boats and two destroyers at Bremen dockyards. (Handed over to the US). See Maps.
The capture of the mobile Naval command HQ, the SS Europa and destroyer escort Z29 at Bremerhaven. (Handed over to the US). Possibly with top ranking Nazi’s aboard, as yet we do not know who they were, all were handed over to the US military. (see reading for details) 
The capture of a very large amount of technical information on all types of weaponry:-
Jet & Rocket planes, V weapons, guided bombs, torpedoes and mines of a bewildering array of types.

(A lot more still to list, will try in more detail ASAP)

And many more things probably, whether we will ever be told the truth about most of it remains to be seen.

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