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30AU(Commando)Living History

Keeping the memories alive and relevant.

We are a relaxed group for those who portray members of the wartime unit created by Ian Fleming, 30 Assault Unit (formerly 30 Commando). Currently, a small, but continually growing bunch of individuals and groups who have the privilege and honour to portray such a unique unit!
With members all over the UK, Ireland, Poland, Australia and a large branch in Belgium The group portray all aspects of 30 AU including Royal Navy and Royal Marines, ratings, marines and officers. We are constantly growing in size and continue to expand our range of items, weapons, etc for our displays.
As groups or individuals, we attend events all over the UK, Europe and now Australia too. Displays range from a single individual representing an aspect of the unit to full blown camp set ups with vehicles.
We are always looking for new members so if you’re interested check out our Facebook page or contact us via this website.

Accurate and done with passion. If you would like to be involved, please contact:-

twitter 30AU History

royalnavy information exploitation group/30 CDO

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