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Mobility - Key to objectives

The most mobile unit of WW2

Said to be the most mobile unit of World War II, more vehicles per head than any other section.

The speed and mobility of the unit was crucial in achieving objectives. Tactics were quickly devised by using the agility and speed of the jeeps to get in and then out of trouble quickly. It was realised early on the Staghounds and Humbers generally proved to be to slow and cumbersome to be of much use at the sharp end of intelligence gathering. The jeeps were modified to include machine gun mounting (sometimes mounted with captured MG42’s) and armour plating on front. (30AU and the SAS were supplied with these vehicles) On more than one occasion prisoners were taken who told of being unwilling to engage the unit because they “LOOKED DANGEROUS!”.

The unit was also trained in gliders and X-troop and many Officers undertook parachute training.

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