80th Anniversary commemoration

Plans to mark this occasion...

80th Anniversary 2022 Update:

The event in Littlehampton is confirmed as 25 June 2022 as part of their Armed Forces Day.

We are also hoping to re-dedicate the plaques, or even install a new plaque and I've been in discussion with the museum over this but we need to find contacts for the plaques as one is on a building and the other is in a garden which is part of a private residential development.

The Amersham event is looking like the first weekend in September 2022.

Looking to have representation from the 

30 AU (Commando) Living History

 at both events and have secured the support of the modern 30 Commando, RM and the Ian Fleming Foundation.

Tom Boneham, our last vet, has also said he wants to fly over from Canada to be involved in some way!

It would be lovely to have as many families of '30' involved as possible and perhaps even organise an evening celebration.....????

All is Covid dependent obviously and it is early days but I hope you all feel it is something worth celebrating!

Dave Roberts.